Flea Market day

Hi hi!

So I am a day late in my posting but you guys forgive me right? :)

Ok, so I have products made, and pictures of gorgeous models with my products. And yet only a few of my products are on etsy right now.

I have realized this last couple of weeks that I have been feeling a little vulnerable putting my items up for sale in any way. So zach helped me push myself and we decided to try and sell at the local flea market, as famous fashion designer Daymond John of FUBU got his start doing the same thing.

It was a really interesting experience! It was fun, it was nerve-wracking, it was confusing, it was awesome, it was frustrating, but overall an amazing learning experience.

I was a total mess nerve wise before we even left the house. Poor Z had to deal with me giving quick responses and me running around like a chicken with its head cut off all morning. By the time we got there, filled out all this weird paperwork, and parked in our “spot”at G-73, I realized that he was also a little nervous and we both decided we just needed to set up and chill out.

However, that was quite difficult as the wind picked up like crazy and we had NO idea how to make the purses stop flying all over the place. Finally, we decided to put rocks in and on the outside of the bags. (Not my most favorite choice but the only one we had.) THEN we sat down and relaxed for a few minutes.




You have the option of renting tables to put your stuff out for $5 and I was a little upset at the fact that the table was really crappy looking and we needed to bring something to cover it but it ended up being no big deal.

The first people to walk by was a mother and daughter and it was SO awesome! They were immediately looking at the purses and said to each other “Look at how cute that purse is!” and kept walking past. This was what mainly happened the whole day which was quite awesome! I was just SO excited that I wasn’t the only one who liked the purses, and just about every woman and girl seemed to think, or say they were cute.

I unfortunately didn’t get any sales (except my mom and dad who came by to surprise me) but I was totally happy because I got a lot of great feedback, and advice.


Even a retail store owner came up to me and gave me such awesome friendly advice and encouragement! I couldn’t believe it. My eyes were probably as big as the moon in excitement!

So overall that was a great experience to have and I would suggest it to anyone starting out in sales or any type of physical product business. The reason is that its not super intimidating and everyone likes to help out the vendors next to them, and you can learn a lot.

Thanks to this experience my creative juices were flowing and I realized, first off, the flea market was not where I should sell my stuff due to the high price (flea markets are for getting bargains.) And second, I really wanted to find where exactly my customer was.

This week has been a lot less sewing and a lot more business soul searching and I came out with some AWESOME ideas! And I am currently in the process of designing my signature bag and how to get in contact with my customers.

I am VERY excited.

With all of that being said I have decided I need to clear out my stock so I will be having a 50% Sale on all of my products!! YAY! This will be going on for the next week. I will be posting them today friday the 14th and they will be officially on sale this Saturday so keep an eye out!


As always have a great day!

lots o love copy

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