Sewing practice: Sewing back to school inserting zippers

Ok so today’s tutorial was suggested by Sara from sew sweetness (which is were Friday’s tutorial review was from) and there was marked improvement today! yay! (Here is the guess post she suggested to me )

Ok so check it out last Friday’s zipper ends looked ok on one side but the other was all wonky see?

now today

the zipper ends look soo much better. The way to insert the zipper and lining was a little bit different and I think I actually like friday’s tutorial on putting in the lining better due to the fact that I had some stitching errors that were not very hide-able lol. This one is very nice for zipper ends though. OH and check it out when the pouch is open do you see where i hand stitched it closed?? NO because its on the side! yay! one thing though was that the opening was up a little too close to the zipper so it was difficult to sew up as well as the fact that it was a little tight to fit my hand in. So putting the hand-stitching on the side is helpful for purses but I am wondering if it is super necessary for pouches. We will have to see. In the long run I will try to find something where you wont even have to do the hand-stitching at all at least that is my goal ahah. Last thing the sewing of the outside was rather horrible it turned out all lopsided and crooked. I believe this is a cutting and measuring error on my part as well as the fact that I do such small seam allowances when I work with heavy duty interfacing. But do you feel the same as me that this pouch looks more professional?? Its all due to the heavy duty interfacing giving it a nice 3d effect as well as the nice stand up bottom (at least the stand up bottom makes it look professional when it is done right. I didn’t do it right today.)

IMG_3592 IMG_3593




IMG_3596 IMG_3597 IMG_3598


As always hope you are doing well today! lots o love copy

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  1. Dad says:

    Like the pouch material. Nice day pouch, At first I thought that it would have looked better to have a white or yellow colored zipper but after looking at it a couple of times I like the contrast.

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