Red Sheath Dress

red dressSo this is my first addition to my wardrobe!! I am not 100% satisfied with this but its SO exciting to be moving forward with my sewing skills.

Also, I haven’t finished the neckline or hem or sleeve ends buuuut I don’t have enough fabric in that color to do so, so this will have to do ahaha. I think it would be a good dress around the holidays especially with the added belt. Did I mention I love glitter?? Hence the glitter belt ahaha.

So the things I need to work on is sewing the end of a zipper better. Also patterns are something I have to work on as far as fixing because the sleeves are too bulky for me and makes me look plumper than I actually am due to wrinkles in the fabric.

The book I used to get the pattern was Built by Wendy Dressesand I used the Medium Sheath dress pattern which was the closest fit I have found to my actual body/ body type.


More to come soon! Lots o’ Love! Little Katy Lady


Create My Own Wardrobe

instagramI decided a long time ago that if I was going to really take my fashion business seriously I needed to design my own wardrobe.

Due to getting sick a lot with my RA learning how to sew and creating patterns has been a longer process than one would have hoped. So if I disappear again its just from me feeling crummy. But have no fear! I will keep on keeping on.

Anywho, I am excited as I have finally pushed myself to a point to where I REALLY feel I can ACTUALLY design a wardrobe I want. Part of this process was forcing myself to either be in sewing school or teaching sewing to others. It has been an amazing experience and I am so very grateful for all the opportunities I have received lately for  my love of learning to become a designer.

OK so yeah, I got the ball rolling again by obviously feeling better but its just like exercise it can be really hard to start back up again. But I first decided HEY post an ad to teach sewing. Then, I went to the library after getting my first client and got a ton of books. Luckily I found one that seemed to really work for me but of course it did not have patterns so I went and bought a new version. I made a dress out of it that didn’t work very well due to the fabric I was using .

The Second way I got myself to get back into the swing of things of course was all these amazing dresses on my pintrest board.

And Last My design school starts in September so I am excited to get ready for that!


Ok so I made my first mock up that looks nice so tomorrow is the beginning of the actual dress yay!


So I got really inspired to make my own costume this year. I have never attempted this before but I am sooo glad I did. I went a little ahead in my classes and learned how to make a princess seam bodice. So I made that out of two different fabrics, made a skirt added pleats, and sewed them together to make a dress.
The neck is horrible but its really the only thing I messed up on so that is exciting.
It was a lot of work but fun. I enjoyed the wings the most I think.

I am supposed to be a moth/butterfly.

I also made tutus for all of the other girls in our house aka “Abby” “bella” and “star” ahaha.
And I made a bow tie for our foster rescue dog Jax.

Thanks for checking out the post :)








Jax Day 2

Alright, yesterday he peed on my pillow (I think in a way to own something in the house, as he is potty trained it seems.)

He was rather itchy on his leg so I decided we would give him a bath in-case he has fleas. I am not sure if this was his first one but he did REALLY good. Even better than my babies. The shampoo I gave him had to sit on him for 10 minutes and he only tried to get out of the bath very slowly twice. So, way to go Jax! we now know he is good at taking baths. He totally reminds me of a cat because he was cleaning himself afterwards all over like a cat super funny!

Today is going to be his first day out of new dog “quarantine” as we didn’t know if he had any respiratory issues. So we will see how he does with my dogs in their territory. If I get the car tomorrow I will probably take them all to the dog park.

I have discovered he knows how to sit, and to come when called so that is good! Very trainable. He does not like being left alone at all still, so he cries a lot when we put him in his little bed area. Some major separation anxiety from not just me but my boyfriend as well. Zach is training him to shake hands.

Speaking of paws he has what seems to be a habit of having the left or the right paw up in the air while sitting or standing. We think he has just been overdoing at the park and probably injured himself running away from people or has a bruised pad on his paw.

I kind of went video crazy yesterday. But that is ok. ahahaha!
If you or someone you know may want to adopt Jax Please contact me at

Videos from yesterday:

Help me find a home for Jax


Who is Jax you might ask?

Well we are not 100% sure just yet. All we can assume is he was abandoned at Chapungu sculpture park next to  Centerra mall, about five days ago.  This little guy has been out in the cold since then. It has snowed twice here in Northern Colorado.

The humane society figures he is a chihuahua mix medium length hair and about 2 years old and is fixed.

Let me tell you how I came to have him under my care…

Yesterday our house was being shown to be sold, so I was taking my two dogs out for a walk. Jax looking like a miniature black fox walked in our pathway a couple of times. Bella our boston terrier was at first frightened of Jax and grrred. I told her not to growl and then all of a sudden it was play time for Jax, Bella and our Lab mix Abby. I tried getting him to follow us to the car, even with treats, but he was staying put. I have the feeling that his owner left him in this specific area and he was waiting for them to come back.

Abby is kind of a handful when it comes to walks…not fully trained so I had to put her up in the car while Bella and I tried to show him we were trustworthy. You could tell he just really didn’t want to go. He was waiting, he was afraid, and he was exhausted.  I sat down on the ground and just waited for him. He finally came up to me shyly. I let him sniff my hand, he looked at me with these great big chestnut eyes and collapsed in my lap. As if to say, please take me home.

I brought him to the car and he slept and slept and slept. I drove him to a vet first, they checked for a chip but he didn’t have one and they would have to charge to check him out to see if he was healthy. So I drove around trying to find the humane society with no luck. So I finally took all the dogs home and they played a little. I think Jax was so tired though that he was quite grumpy and growled at both of my dogs. With that I put him up in a separate area from them and tried to feed him. In the long run I took him to the vet even though it would cost me some cash. He has a little bit of giardia from the water from the park and is being treated.

I went back to the park with him where I found him and posted “Found Dog” posters just in case his owner did want him back. This was a beautiful experience as I met another kind person concerned about him, as she had heard he was at the park and hard to catch. She figured she would try and get him as well. I also met up with a mall security guard who said Jax had been running around the park for many days and they just couldn’t catch him so she was really glad I was able to. And lastly I met up with a wonderful  Dog specialty store owner at the mall who was very sweet and gave us free food to try and get him to eat more.


Long story I know. (I even tried to leave out non important details lol.)


Well, either way I would like to post videos of how cute and great Jax really is in order to find him the best home possible. Pictures don’t do him justice.  I don’t want any money for him just a good person who can handle his personality.


Thank you for your time and reading.

Please email if you or someone you know is interested in adopting him.

IMG_4547 IMG_4551


Yay To School!

Hi Loves!

A lot has happened since I last posted on here. For one, I have been sick for a really long time and my medicine recently started to work. (It was a medicine that takes 3 to 6 months to potentially work.) And its been amazing! I haven’t felt so great in a REALLY long time. I have a lot of energy, and I am getting a lot of stuff done.

Speaking of a lot of stuff done, my boyfriend and I are in the middle of moving and I am having to do all the physical labor while he is at work.  Here are some pictures of me being a spaz in our storage unit showing all the work we did, and also pretending things are falling on me to freak my mom out. (I know not nice.)

storage storage2 Storage3























Ok so now that is over with, on to what I wanted to talk about ahaha.

Fashion design school started back up in september and I am sooooo IN LOVE with my classes. I have learned OH so much, and feeling really excited with moving forward with my fashion once moving is finished.  I will keep ya up to date, hopefully ahaha.

Anyway, Here are my favorite pics of what I have learned so far with school! There are a LOT of pictures….. be warned ahaha. By the way Meet my new professional dressform! I named her Sophia. I don’t know why but she just felt like she needed a name and it had to be something elegant and old school ahaha.


1_1_Skirt_front_back_blocksFull Length basic Skirt Front

So First I learned how to make blocks and patterns, First image is a block. The difference between blocks and patterns is that blocks don’t show seam allowances of how far over you sould sew the pieces together. Patterns do, and they are drawn on less sturdy paper.  we started with a basic skirt.And then we made the basic skirt.Full Length basic Skirt Right seam4_2_1 Front Bodice

Next was making patterns and blocks for the bodice and sleeves. Then we made the bodice and learned how to set in sleeves. Oh so much harder that I realized but so much fun too!

4_2_3 Left side Bodice 4_2_6 Left Top cap sleeve side twoIMG_4454IMG_4456

Next we learned what I have been wanting to learn for the LONGEST time…..Draping. Its where you place fabric on a dressform, or model and make the pattern from that. You get to see how fabric reacts to certain cuts and such.5.1 front viewSutherland_4_2_1


Then for another class I have learned how to find inspiration for making a cohesive collection, including a moodboard Which is supposed to show my inspiration for the collection, the colors, and the fabric that would be used.

And then I most recently learned a new way to draw my fashion ideas down of which I love because they go a lot faster than my illustrations These are for my very first ideas on a collection for the spring. It is called “Fallen Spring” which is based off of Fall colors but light fabrics and the type of woman/girl who wears my clothes is a cute but also rebellious woman/girl.

The only thing I don’t like about these is the fact that I am getting used to painting with watercolors. I LOVED the drawings before I painted them ahaha. Sutherland_5_2_1 Sutherland_5_2_2 Sutherland_5_2_3 Sutherland_5_2_4 Sutherland_5_2_5 Sutherland_5_2_6 Sutherland_5_2_7 Sutherland_5_2_8 Sutherland_5_2_9 Sutherland_5_2_10 Sutherland_5_2_11 Sutherland_5_2_12 Sutherland_5_2_13 Sutherland_5_2_14 Sutherland_5_2_15



Hope this post was worth the wait! Lots O’ Love!!!! Little Katy Lady.

Sometimes I go missing ahaha

Hi hi!

I have been missing from blogging, and to be honest, the fashion business for a week or two. I had decided (before this little hiatus) that I was going to design an ultimate purse that is not only gorgeous, but super organized and handy for the everyday busy gal.

And well….this decision lead to a “Katy freak out week” ahaha. It has been a slow recovery, but a couple of days ago I had an awesome “brainstorming  pow wow” with my Z and I am feeling closer to what I want to do with this new ultimate purse and I am quite excited. I am still REALLY scared out of my mind about doing it and haven’t even touched my sewing machine in two weeks but I got myself in my sewing office yesterday so I will be posting picture updates on what I am doing/learning hopefully by Thursday of next week!

For now I am helping out Zach with his business learning website coding, which has been fun and quite surprisingly meditative. And I am working on my many projects that aren’t finished in the meantime as well. Getting back in touch with my inspirational side :)

Hope you are well and having a great day

lots o love copy

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Flea Market day

Hi hi!

So I am a day late in my posting but you guys forgive me right? :)

Ok, so I have products made, and pictures of gorgeous models with my products. And yet only a few of my products are on etsy right now.

I have realized this last couple of weeks that I have been feeling a little vulnerable putting my items up for sale in any way. So zach helped me push myself and we decided to try and sell at the local flea market, as famous fashion designer Daymond John of FUBU got his start doing the same thing.

It was a really interesting experience! It was fun, it was nerve-wracking, it was confusing, it was awesome, it was frustrating, but overall an amazing learning experience.

I was a total mess nerve wise before we even left the house. Poor Z had to deal with me giving quick responses and me running around like a chicken with its head cut off all morning. By the time we got there, filled out all this weird paperwork, and parked in our “spot”at G-73, I realized that he was also a little nervous and we both decided we just needed to set up and chill out.

However, that was quite difficult as the wind picked up like crazy and we had NO idea how to make the purses stop flying all over the place. Finally, we decided to put rocks in and on the outside of the bags. (Not my most favorite choice but the only one we had.) THEN we sat down and relaxed for a few minutes.




You have the option of renting tables to put your stuff out for $5 and I was a little upset at the fact that the table was really crappy looking and we needed to bring something to cover it but it ended up being no big deal.

The first people to walk by was a mother and daughter and it was SO awesome! They were immediately looking at the purses and said to each other “Look at how cute that purse is!” and kept walking past. This was what mainly happened the whole day which was quite awesome! I was just SO excited that I wasn’t the only one who liked the purses, and just about every woman and girl seemed to think, or say they were cute.

I unfortunately didn’t get any sales (except my mom and dad who came by to surprise me) but I was totally happy because I got a lot of great feedback, and advice.


Even a retail store owner came up to me and gave me such awesome friendly advice and encouragement! I couldn’t believe it. My eyes were probably as big as the moon in excitement!

So overall that was a great experience to have and I would suggest it to anyone starting out in sales or any type of physical product business. The reason is that its not super intimidating and everyone likes to help out the vendors next to them, and you can learn a lot.

Thanks to this experience my creative juices were flowing and I realized, first off, the flea market was not where I should sell my stuff due to the high price (flea markets are for getting bargains.) And second, I really wanted to find where exactly my customer was.

This week has been a lot less sewing and a lot more business soul searching and I came out with some AWESOME ideas! And I am currently in the process of designing my signature bag and how to get in contact with my customers.

I am VERY excited.

With all of that being said I have decided I need to clear out my stock so I will be having a 50% Sale on all of my products!! YAY! This will be going on for the next week. I will be posting them today friday the 14th and they will be officially on sale this Saturday so keep an eye out!


As always have a great day!

lots o love copy

Peonies and Glue

I don’t know if I have mentioned this on the blog. But I have been trying to go vegan and gluten free for the last two months (at least I think it has been 2 months maybe longer.) Anyway, it was easy for me at first and now its starting to get really hard. I am craving mashed potatoes and butter, steak, crab legs drenched in butter, doughnuts, and pizza like I have never craved before! The pizza thing is super surprising because Z eats pizza literally every day and I used to get nauseous from the smell.

So I believe this weekend or end of last week I dove into temptation and had some pizza, had burritos with tortillas, and other junk foods. And OH my gosh did I FEEL it this last week. Eating all that junk was such a BAD idea. Because of this I didn’t feel like I got a lot done.

I did find a way to curb this which was chick peas put in the oven and covered in garlic powder, salt, and chili powder.IMG_3726

This batch was gone in literally an hour. (They are also perfect substitute for popcorn at the movie theater) This recipie is posted in my Pinterest board “Things I have Done/Tried List”

OK, so down to brass tax here ladies and gents! This week, what did I accomplish?

  • For one I finished another Pouch for Fake Peach
  • I worked a little bit more on the inspirational project  I was amazed as to how quick I was able to get the first layer of the bodice and skirt done! Next up, tightening the bodice, then the skirt, and then? EMBELLISHMENTS! (Said in a deep dramatic voice) :)



  • I have also been working on learning how to make the edges of vinyl look better. Straps on purses are usually two pieces of leather glued and sewed together and then the edges are glued with a mix of dye or paint. Here is what mine looked like with Vinyl glue and paint (not sure I love it but it may just be because I used blue instead of brown for the paint.)

IMG_3721 IMG_3722


  • I also tested out how to make what is called a Gusset for a purse. A gusset is usually referred to the depth of the side of your purse and sometimes the bottom too. My own purse patterns have always been an adaptation from square totes and I have been really wanting to do different shapes. I had such a hard time getting myself to even try this because I was honestly afraid ahah. But I am SOOO glad I did because I have a TON of new ideas and I am really excited to try them out. I really want to make a purse that looks like an owl for myself and a signature peach purse here soon!!

To do this testing I made a mock up of it out of muslin fabric (which is basically bleached cotton fabric)

IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725

Oh and I TOTALLy forgot in the middle of all of the eating junk food bit I ended up overdoing with exercise and pulled my hamstring. I iced it and gave myself a nice frostbite on the back of my leg! I will save you from the greusome picture but I guess I just wanted to share that with the world ahaha. It was weird because I have had tons of experience with icing injuries. And I have an ice pack I used that is supposed to be ok to use on skin, but I guess the back of your legs are extra sensitive.

Ok back on topic… UH what was I saying?? OH right. Last thing, I bought myself some gorgeous smelling and looking peonies yesterday and got a new book to read, as I finished what I was reading. (I was also washing strawberries for smoothies and such.) Anyway. I love this picture for some reason it makes my heart feel light.IMG_3708

I am reading Grace Coddington’s biography. And for those of you who don’t know who she is she is a former model and current stylist/creative director for vogue. (shes amazing) I have been LOVING this book so much I really haven’t been wanting to put it down.

oh and LAST thing. Here is the cute pic for the week! Star hiding behind the shades :)


  • Have a great day! lots o love copy


Black Denim Zipper Pouches

I haven’t been posting what I was doing due to the fact that I wanted a nice reveal for the products I was making for Fake Peach this week. But I used the sewing zipper techniques I learned from the last two posts here: 

and here:

and gave it my own flare.

I am super excited because learning zippers has given me a confidence boost and I have been craving to learn how to put zippers into actual purses and totes. And guess what?! I found and bought an online class that teaches it on craftsy! If you have a flare for DIY or anything you SOOO need to check it out!

I am soooo excited because I actually have the teacher’s book and LOVE her stuff! When I was first trying to learn how to sew a vinyl bag her book was seriously the best. I also found out that she started a handbag business in her twenties which is freaking awesome.  you can visit her website here and check out the sewing in a straight line book!

Anywho short post but here are the pics of what I made this week so far. (you can also see these in my store)

I was experimenting with a bleach pen on denim (I have never used denim before for my bags but I am totally loving this dark black soft denim I got from walmart of all places!) I also was having fun with my stash of swarvoski crystals. :)

IMG_3647 IMG_3658 IMG_3666 I am currently working on another but I didn’t finish it in time to take pics so that will be shown next week. :)


lots o love copy

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